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My name is Linda Goin, and I’m an active writer, journalist, poet, graphic designer, and fine artist with an undergraduate degree in visual communications and an accompanying graduate degree in history. My interests include international travel, culture, and genealogy. My twenty-five year writing career includes thirteen Colorado Press Association awards for journalism, a series of articles, a book about visual communications, and several E-books on Web design and accessibility. I’m also a weekly contributor to BuyandHold’s weekly financial column, “Mom Chronicles” and a monthly contributor to Better Investing Magazine.

After I raised my daughter, I returned to complete my college degrees. Once I completed my graphic design and visual communications degree I pursued a life-long dream to study American history. The excellent professors at DePaul University in Chicago led me to other paths, where I also learned about the Reformation and about Caribbean history. The latter pursuit led me to participate in two archaeological digs in San Salvador, Bahamas, once as a student and again a year later as an assistant. Both lines of study, in addition to American history with a focus on the 18th century, led to insights that enabled me to make many connections between current events that are now “making history” and the past.

I hope that you find something of interest here, and that you’ll also participate with your insights.

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