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Virginia Horse Center

Virginia Horse CenterIf you plan to visit historic sites around Rockbridge County, or if you’re on your way between the Clifton Forge area and Lynchburg, you can add a major cultural attraction to any itinerary of historic ones. The Virginia Horse Center on Route 39 (just off I-64) is one of the finest equine complexes in the U.S. The center was created by the General Assembly of Virginia in 1985 to enhance the economic impact of the horse industry in the state and to provide a showplace for state, national and international horse competitions and a marketplace for horse promotions and sales.

The Virginia Horse Center sits on nearly 600 acres of pristine Shenandoah scenery with breathtaking views. This world class facility features an indoor coliseum that seats 4,000, eight barns with an indoor stabling capacity of over 1,200 horses. The center also boasts nineteen show rings, a five-mile cross-country course, a steeplechase timber and carriage course, and two large indoor arenas. Don’t be surprised if this equestrian center continues to grow.

The center also accommodates campers and they sport a restaurant and catering service with banquet facilities, a gift shop and more. There may be a minimal charge for some events at the center. To join over 400,000 visitors annually, call 540-464-2950 or visit the Virginia Horse Center site.

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