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Villains as Heroes

A man American history books revile as a colonial-era war criminal, who coldly slaughtered civilians and prisoners, is about to be honoured with a life-size bronze bust beside the National War Memorial. Lt.-Col. John Butler, leader of Butler’s Rangers during the American Revolutionary War, is among 14 people chosen from 400 years of Canadian military history who are portrayed in bronzes to be unveiled Sunday by Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean.

Butler raised his regiment of raiders and set about terrorizing the enemy in the tradition of the time. By all accounts, he was a hard man and his Indian allies were harder. “When he would come across revolutionary troops, he would slaughter without much mercy,” said Arthur Sheps, a historian at the University of Toronto. Sheps added, however, that there were atrocities on both sides and that more sophisticated American university textbooks make that point without heaping all the blame on Butler. Read more at CTV Canada.

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