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Photographic Comparison

Construction at Rockett's LandingI love to compare recent photographs against images from the past, and no comparisons fascinate me more than those between the amatuer photographs found at Flickr and prints found online. I discovered one image produced by 100wordminimum‘s photos, where he/she had photographed the landing at Libby Hill near Richmond. I Googled “Rockett’s Landing” to see what I could discover about this area, and I ended up with an old wood engraved and hand-colored illustration, which was published in Harper’s Weekly on 23 Sept. 1865.

Rocketts Landing 1865The engraving is for sale, and the price is reasonable. The photograph, as far as I know, is free for download (click on either image for the link to the respective image). What intrigues me about both images is that they were captured with the intent of committing change to paper, and that the progress seems to have been the same in 1865 as it is in 2006, exactly 141 years later.

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