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Filson Fellowships

The Filson Historical SocietyThe Filson Historical Society, Louisville, Kentucky, invites applications for fellowships and internships. Applications must be received by October 16, 2006.

I’m honored to be a Filson Fellow, a recognition that was garnered with the help of one of my former esteemed professors, Dr. Ellen Eslinger. The Filson Historical Society, located in Louisville, Kentucky, provides excellent resources for the historian who focuses on Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century American political, religious, and social history. The focus is on Kentuckian history, but a historian who looks for material to substantiate migration patterns between Virginia and Kentucky will find some interesting information as well.

The Filson library is geared mostly toward family history and county history in all states, with an emphasis on Kentucky. The gold lies in their manuscripts, which represent a healthy collection of personal documents, church records, and files that pertain to local Native American history. The Filson, housed in a building located in the Old Louisville District (pictured above right), provides an intimate and comfortable atmosphere conducive for research.

The Filson Historical Society currently invites applications for fellowships and internships. Applications must be received by October 16, 2006, and detailed information about fellowships, internships, and application procedures can be found online at The Filson’s website: www.filsonhistorical.org/fellowships.html. Information about The Filson’s research collections can be found on their online catalog.

The Filson anticipates that fellows will publicize the results of their research in Ohio Valley History, a peer-reviewed journal published jointly by The Filson, the Cincinnati Museum Center, and the University of Cincinnati.

Questions regarding the fellowships and internships program should be directed to Dr. A. Glenn Crothers, Director of Research for The Filson Institute: crothers@filsonhistorical.org or glenn.crothers@louisville.edu.

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